The GRV Tender Document Portal is designed to make tender document delivery fast, efficient and secure. Here is the list of the main features:

  • Upload documents from within the portal. Once a document is uploaded you can make it available to your sub-contractors.
  • Permissions based access – allow specific contractors access to download the document(s).
  • Email notifications – just select the sub-contractors who have access to a document and click a button to send an email notifying them that there is a new tender document available.
  • Tender close warning – the portal can automatically send a warning several days before the tender closing date to remind them to submit their quote.


The GRV Tender Document Portal is programmed in the industry standard PHP programming language. The user interface has been kept simple and clean, making it easy for anyone to use.

Installation is included in the price of all of our products and if you do not have a suitable server to host the application we can provide secure hosting for just $19/mth.

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