Mobile Applications

In our very connected world, web based mobile applications can substantially reduce your costs and improve your customer service. Our primary focus is on applications that:

  • Deliver documents to your customers. You can save a lot of trees and provide 24/7 document access for your clients with our online document portal products. It’s simple – your client logs in and clicks a link to download their document(s).
  • Manage your mobile workers. Our web based mobile management applications allow your staff to create and update job details while they are right there on the job! All that is required is a web server and any modern smartphone that has a web browser. This is ideal for contracters, repairers, IT techs or anyone who does onsite work.

We’ve developed custom mobile applications for a range of clients across several industries. Our first retail product – the GRV Consulting Document Portal – is currently in its first phase of beta testing and will be released later this year.